BC-3X2T7S VGA Cable

Products Information

Linoya’s BC-3X2T7S is a high-resolution multi-conductor containing 3 mini coaxes, 2 shielded pairs, and 7 single strands. It is the most common type of cable used for construction of 15-pin HD (VGA/UXGA) cables. Each coax has a 26 gauge solid center conductor and dual shield design consisting of copper braid and foil. Rugged and flexible jacket with internal rip cord and sequential markings every meter. Coax dielectrics are color-coded red, green, blue.

Conductor: 26 AWG 7/34 tinned copper.
Dielectric:   Foam polyethylene with red, green, blue color coding.
Shield: (A) 90% spiral 38 AWG tinned copper. (B) Aluminum-foil 25% overlap rate.
Inner Jacket: PVC.
Outer Diameter:  10.0mm (0.393in).
UL: CL2.
Conductors:         26 AWG 7/34 tinned copper.
Jacket:                 HD-polyethylene.
Diameter:             0.88mm (0.34in).
Outer Jacket:       PVC.
Temperature:      -20° to 75°C (-4° to 167°F).
Conductor:          26 AWG 7/34 tinned copper.
Jacket:                HD polyethylene.
Diameter:            0.88mm (0.34in).
Center Conductor: 0.019 inches, 0.48mm.
Dielectric: 0.076 inches, 1.95mm.
Individual Coax: 0.102 inches, 2.6mm.
Impedance: 75Ω.