Underground Lighting Cable

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Underground Lighting Cable

Cable Specifications:
•Conductor: Bare Copper
•Insulation: Solid Polyethylene or FRP (Plenum)  

Industry Standards:
•C(UL) 30V FT2
•Sunlight resistant 60°C (UL) 150V

•Underground lighting applications

Part No. Description Stranding Packaging
18/2L 2C/18 ga stranded copper 16/30 1000′ reel
16/2L 2C/16 ga stranded copper 26/30 1000′ reel
14/2L 2C/14 ga stranded copper 41/30 1000′ reel
12/2L 2C/12 ga stranded copper 65/30 1000′ reel
10/2L 2C/10 ga stranded copper 104/30 1000′ reel
8/2L 2C/8 ga stranded copper 7 x 24/30 1000′ reel

Drop Wire

Rated Temperature 70 degree
Conductor: Solid Bare Copper or Copper Coated Steel CCS
Insulation: PVC OR LLDPE


Used as wiring between the cable terminal or DP and the station protector.

Test Results Of Telephone Drop Wire
Parameters Minimum Requirement Test Equipment used
Diameter (mm) 1.02 + 0.03 / -0.06 Micrometer
% elongation 1.5 (min) Shimadzu
Barding strength 760 (min) Shimadzu
Thickness (mm) 1.0 min Projector profile
% elongation 100 min Shimadzu
Tenkle strength (MPa) 11 min Shimadzu
Insulation resistance 92 min Megger
Over diameter (mm) 5.8 major / 3.5 minor Projector profile
3.Electical test    
Resistance @ 20 degree 80.4max Portable double
Bridge tester
% conductivity 30min Conductance tester
De-el-citric strength 7.5@min megger



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