RG188 Coaxial Cable



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This bulk RG188A/U cable can be used in applications where cable assemblies must be built in the field. The Teflon taped outer jacket helps this cable achieve a 200 degree C operating temperature. And the stranded 26 AWG center conductor results in a very flexible cable for tight fit applications. Spool may contain more than one piece.

High temperature 50 Ohm data signal transmission
Teflon taped outer jacket results in a 200 degree C operating temperature
Stranded center conductor allows cable to be very flexible
Small diameter is ideal for tight fit applications
Associated connectors and crimp tools available 
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RG58 application

RG58 50 ohm braided coaxial cable primarily use for televisiion and radio send systems and microwave, satellite communication systems, can also be used for computer networks( such as Ethernet) interconnect. It has a high transmission frequency and low attenuation. It is widely used in satellite televisio system, one-way control systems and long distance connec tivity line electronic equipment. 


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The General Principle of Wire and Cable Selection

The general principle of wire and cable selection:

1. The selection of electric wire and cable type. What you have to take consideration into is its application, the laying conditions and safety;

For example: according to different applications,you can choose  power cable, JKV cable, control cable etc.;According to different laying conditions,you  can choose the general plastic insulation cable and steel tape armored cable and steel wire armoured cables, anticorrosive cable etc;According to the safety requirements, you can choose non-delay burning cable, non-halogen non-flammable cables, fireproof cables, etc.

2. The selection of electric wire and cable specification. To confirm the specification(conductor section) for wire and cables, you have to consider some condition, such as fever,voltage loss,economic current density, mechanical strength.


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