Products Information

Rated temperature: 75 degree
Conductor Solid Bare copper or CCS
Insulation Foam PE
Shield AL Foil + AL Wire Braiding 60% + AL Foil + AL Wire Braiding 40%
Jacket PVC
Cat 5e or Cat6  
Conductor Solid bare copper
Insulation HDPE
Jacket PVC
Rip cord Per request
Optical Fiber  
Primary Coating Material ACRYLATE
Secondary Coating Material PVC
Strength Member ARAMID YARN
Jacket PVC
Outer Jacket PVC

Construction: 2xQS RG6+2xCAT5e ; 2xQS RG6+2xCAT5e+OF ; 2xQS RG6+CAT5e ;
2xRG6+CAT5e ; QS RG6+2xCAT5e ; RG6+CAT5e ; 2xCAT5e
composite power cables

Cat 5e Cable Electrical Characteristics
1.0 100+/-15 20.0 2.0 65.3 62.3 63.8 570
4.0 23.0 4.1 56.3 53.3 51.7 552
10.0 25.0 6.5 50.3 47.3 43.8 545
16.0 25.0 8.2 47.3 44.3 39.7 543
25.0 24.3 10.4 44.3 41.3 35.8 541
62.5 21.5 17.0 38.4 35.4 27.8 538
100.0 20.1 22.0 35.3 32.3 23.8 537


RG6 Coaxial Cable Electrical Characteristics
Type and Specification Impedance
Core dielectric
Insulation Resistance
Jacket Dielectric
RG-6 75+/-5 10MHz ≤2.66 ≥1.0 ≥5000 ≥3.0
50MHz ≤4.79
200MHz ≤9.28
700MHz ≤18.37
1000MHz ≤21.26
2200MHz ≤32.

18/2 SJ Power Cord 100 FT Spool



Power cord is within the scope of our business. I would like to take this time to introduce our 18/2 SJ Power Cord 100 FT Spool for you today. Please check the following description of power cord:

2 Conductor 18 AWG 100 FT Black Jacket
Flexible black rubber jacket
18/2 SJ
300 Volt Rated.
10 Amps
Standard Motor Product CH18-2SJ

Should any interest in our power cord and want to know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact me. I shall be very pleased to give you our best information.


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UL3239 hook up wire

Products Information

Product Discription
Rated tempreture: 150°C – 200°C
     Voltage ratings: 5-50KVDC
     Standard color: Black
                     Size: 24AWG to 10AWG
The Detailed  Specification:

Wiring of furnace ignition systems, motors, therapeutic devices, special electronic devices where high temperatures are incurred, microwave transformers and transmitters. 


Products Information

Extra flexible design features include high strand count tinned copper conductors, low dielectric insulation system to withstand voltage spikes. Foil and braided tinned copper shields for RF/EMI protection, orange polyurethane jacket. This VFD/Servo cable is designed to minimize the effects of voltage spikes, harmonics, and power distortions typically generated by variable frequency drives. Cable is UV resistant and suitable for indoor/outdoor, 90 C dry, 60 C wet, or oil applications. Brake components are designed in for smaller diameter, easier installation.

4/C # 14 AWG Power, 2/C # 18 AWG – Brake, O/A Barrier Foil + Braid
4/C # 12 AWG Power, 2/C # 18 AWG – Brake, O/A Barrier Foil + Braid
4/C # 14 AWG O/A Barrier Foil + Braid
4/C # 12 AWG O/A Barrier Foil + Braid
Jacket: Polyurethane
Voltage: 1000 V


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Wire & Cable Expo 2011

The 15th Wire & Cable Expo, China will take place in Tianjin International Exhitition Center from June 15 to June 17, 2011. 

Wire & Cable Expo, with a history of 28 years, as a member of Industry brand of AIT Group, has been successfully held for 14 editions. This expo attracted over 10,000 trade visitors and buyers from more than 20 countries and regions, and it has become the leading Expo of Wire & Cable Industry in China. In the global Wire and Cable Industry market, Wire & Cable Expo 2011 will play an important role as a high-profile international trading and business stage where the exhibitors show their manufacture, processing, technology and application. It also integrates Wire Asia Forum into the Event.

Telephone Cord J-Y(St)Y

Products Information

Rated temperature 60℃
Standard VDE 0815
Conductor Solid bare copper
Insulation PVC
Twisted pair Six or more
Jacket PVC
Rip Cord Per request
Wiring cables J-Y(St)Y…Lg
These cables are stranded in layers, contain pairs of copper conductors with a diameter of 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm as stranded elements and have PVC insulation. They have a static screen and PVC sheeth.
The cable is suitable for indoor installations connecting fixed and movable equipment.
Pair lay lengths are designed to ensure minimum near-end cross-talks in the cables.
The cable is a unit type control cable intended for analogue or digital data transmission up to 800 Hz.

RG6 Coaxial Cable with (2) 18 AWG


Element 1
Conductor:          18 AWG RG-59 Solid CCS
Dielectric:            Cellular Polyethylene 
Shield:                 36 AWG Tinned Copper Braid, 95% min. Coverage

Element 2
Conductor:          (2) 18 AWG (16/30)Stranded Copper
Insulation:            Polyvinyl Chloride

Number of Coaxes: Elements 1 & 2 (Siamese Style)
Outer Jacket:      Polyvinyl Chloride
Color:                  Black


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