Underground Lighting Cable

Products Information

Underground Lighting Cable

Cable Specifications:
•Conductor: Bare Copper
•Insulation: Solid Polyethylene or FRP (Plenum)  

Industry Standards:
•C(UL) 30V FT2
•Sunlight resistant 60°C (UL) 150V

•Underground lighting applications

Part No. Description Stranding Packaging
18/2L 2C/18 ga stranded copper 16/30 1000′ reel
16/2L 2C/16 ga stranded copper 26/30 1000′ reel
14/2L 2C/14 ga stranded copper 41/30 1000′ reel
12/2L 2C/12 ga stranded copper 65/30 1000′ reel
10/2L 2C/10 ga stranded copper 104/30 1000′ reel
8/2L 2C/8 ga stranded copper 7 x 24/30 1000′ reel

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