Cat6a UTP LSZH Cable

Outer Jacket:    LSZH
Copper conductor:           0.56mm (AWG 23)
Operating temperature:   -20ºc to 60ºc 
Pair screen:      Aluminum laminated plastic foil, Drain wire AWG 26 tinned
Screen:            Copper braid
Electrical Characteristic:
Loop resistance:            ≤176 Ω/km
Resistance unbalance:  ≤2%
Insulation resistance :   (500v)≥2000 M Ω/km
Mutual Capacitance :       At 800 Hz Nom. 43 nF Ω/km
Capacitance unbalance:  Pair to ground ≤1500 pF Ω/km
Characteristic impedance:   1-100 MHz      (100±15)
                                         100-250 Mhz  (100±18) Ω
Propagation delay:           ≤427 ns/100m
Delay skew:                      ≤12 ns/100m                    
Test voltage:                    DC, 1 min core/core and core/screen  1000 v
Transfer impedance:       at 1 MHz   ≤20 mΩ/m
                                       at 10 MHz ≤50 mΩ/m
                                      at 30 MHz ≤100 mΩ/m


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